Physik der Turbulenz und Turbulenzmodellierung II



Time and place

  • Mon 14:15-15:45, Room KS II (exclude vac) ICS

Prerequisites / Organizational information

Physics of turbulence and turbulence modelling I


Turbulence decomposition (mean flow, turbulent stresses, higher-order moments); second order moments (anisotropy tensor, invariants); anisotropy invariant mapping of turbulence in wall-bounded flows; turbulent viscosity, Prandtl-Kolmogorov formula; dynamics of turbulence dissipation rate; twopoint correlation technique (locally homogeneous turbulence); dissipation rate equation (closure model); velocity-pressure gradient correlations (Poisson equation, Chou’s integral, slow and fast parts of correlations); turbulence transport (closure approximation); predictions (homogeneous shear flows, wall-bounded flows, transitional flows) (automatisch geplant, erwartete Hörerzahl original: 20, fixe Veranstaltung: nein)