Special Seminar with Dr. Kentaro Kato: Flow Instabilities and Transition on Rotating Cones

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Date & Time: Tuesday, September 12th at 10:30 AM.

Speaker: Dr. Kentaro Kato, Shinshu University, Japan

Topic: Flow Instabilities and Transition on Rotating Cones

Abstract: The boundary-layer flow driven by rotating cones in a still fluid is three-dimensional and susceptible to two different instabilities. Depending on the cone apex angle, the flow is either dominated by a cross-flow instability on broad cones including the disk, or a centrifugal instability on sharp cones (similar to the flow around a rotating cylinder). The talk will briefly review the differences between these instabilities but also focus on the common features based on the recent hot-wire experiments.

About Dr. Kentaro Kato: After his doctoral studies with Prof. Obi, Kentaro was a postdoc at KTH Stockholm until 2022, working on a project on experimental studies of three-dimensional flows, including cones (as shown above), and a new excentric Taylor-Couette-Poiseuille experimental facility. Now he is faculty at the Shinshu University in Nagano (Japan) together with Prof. Matsubara.

Special Guest: Prof. em. Henrik Alfredsson from KTH is visiting LSTM from 11.-12. September. He is a very well-known professor in experimental fluid mechanics who has made seminal contributions to turbulence, transition, and experiments in general.

If you are interested, there is certainly time to discuss this with them during their visit.