About Erlangen


About Erlangen

Erlangen, a charming city located in Bavaria, carries a rich history, evident in its preserved architecture and enduring traditions. Originally a small settlement, the city’s trajectory changed dramatically with the establishment of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (FAU) in the 18th century, positioning it as centre of academic and intellectual development. Historical landmarks, such as the markgräfliche Schloss (today used by the university administration) and the Schlossgarten with the Hugenot fountain, stand as reminders of its regal and academic past.

In modern times, Erlangen blends its historical roots with contemporary innovation. The city’s skyline has elements with classical and modern designs, including the old town, the vibrant Röthelheimpark area, the university campus areas, and the new Siemens campus. In particular, collaborations with global players like Siemens AG have transformed Erlangen into a hub for technology and business, attracting professionals and enthusiasts from across the globe.

Erlangen can be reached easily by train, plane and car. The Erlangen train station is connected to the ICE and regional train network. The closest international airport, the Albrecht-Dürer-Airport Nürnberg (NUE) is only a 20 min. bus ride away.

The Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, the heart of Erlangen’s academic life, has continuously evolved since its foundation, offering world-class education and pioneering research. As one of Germany’s prominent institutions, FAU ensures that Erlangen’s legacy as a city of knowledge remains vibrant. Its partnerships, faculties, and global outreach stand testament to its dedication to fostering intellectual growth and global collaboration.

The conference will be held at the South Campus of the University, where most of the Technical Faculty is located. A map with a detailed description of how to reach Erlangen can be found at this link.