Invited Speakers


Manuel Garcia-Villalba

Title of the Talk: Fluid-structure Interaction in Some Bioinspired Problem

Sylvain Lardeau

Title of the DLES Talk: Performance, Potential and Pitfalls of Scale-Resolving Simulation in Industry, a Commercial CFD Perspective

Sergio Pirozzoli

Title of the Talk: On Use of DNS to Extrapolate the State of Wall Turbulence at Extreme Reynolds

Taraneh Sayadi

Title of the Talk: Data-driven Modelling of High-fidelity Hypersonic Flow Simulations in Chemical Nonequilibrium

Wolfgang Schröder

Title of the Talk: Acoustic Emission of Hydrogen-Air Slot Flames

Simone Sebben

Title of the Talk: High-fidelity Simulation to Access the Aerodynamic Performance of Real Road Vehicles