The wide-ranging research activities at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics are reflected in our well-equipped laboratories and extensive publication list. These activities are organized into ten research areas. Alongside traditional fluid mechanics topics, such as turbulence description and modeling or the calculation of flow machinery, special attention is given to niche areas like microscale fluid mechanics or the description of complex fluids.

Leveraging expertise from the aforementioned areas, the Institute can tackle coupled problems. This includes studying sound radiation due to turbulent flow patterns and the occurrence of chemical reactions within flow fields. Both of these subjects necessitate intricate experimental setups and advanced numerical calculations. In addition to applying numerical methods, their explicit examination also forms part of the Institute’s work domain. Moreover, the focus of our research activities extends to smart automation solutions based on machine learning methods, as well as analyzing flow processes relevant to biotechnology and medicine. Within centers of excellence, the Institute’s work is particularly directed towards investigating novel materials and optical effects.